Friday, November 16, 2007


Twenty to thirty years ago, the term Global Warming is alien to us.It is an almost non -existent, hazy, over reactive figment of nerdy forecasts only the astute can completely grasp . Nowadays, the ill effects of global warming are lashing back after us. That is to say, my opinion the least. And I believe a lot would share this though some may dispute this as well. Now we feel the wrath of Mother Earth - our dear Mother Earth whom we have indebted for long ago.Nowadays, it is a shame not to be aware with common terms associated with global warming such as : biofuel, fossil fuel, carbon emission, greenhouse effect, greenhouse gases and the like. But just how real is Global Warming?

Scientists from different research groups offer brilliant well explained concepts that are there for mankind to review. And of course, along with this are eco-solutions for everybody. Some even make conclusions that this is all an economic business - a political move to advertise extreme climate change (Well, politics is business as well my dear friends.Or is it not?) funded by the giants as an avenue to tax the household and ordinary consumers the burden of a pressing forthcoming worldwide dilemma. We can say that the other side of researchers is in the conservative side ( I call them SKEPTICS) making the other group on the more aggressive, or shall I say assertive side.

The law of nature is wonderful giving us a sense of Yin and Yang in our atmosphere- What goes around, comes around. There is a natural order to it all. There will be as there were periods of warming. And there will be as there were periods of cooling just as well. Remember the Ice Age Period? And how about that Medieval Warming Period? But can mankind defy the law of nature in our present times? I wonder.


Not too many weeks from now, we have heard of the North Sea's threat of very high waves to countries like Netherlands and the United Kingdom owing to a northwestern storm causing increases in sea level. The Dutch are known for their well built dikes. Nevertheless, measures were also implemented for their people's safety. People from UK were seen on television blocking the surroundings of their houses with sandbags. Nothing of the worse of what is expected happened except for the fact that still, the sea level rose to a significant high. Chile , Wednesday this week, experienced a massive earthquake of 7.7 magnitude claiming 2 lives, over a hundred injured and thousands of houses destroyed. The quake that shook northern Chile left frequent aftershocks and were even felt along the coastline borders of Peru and Ecuador (see full article with photos and videos). Can we say that increased glacial melting due to climate change increase volcanic activity and earthquakes?

As far as I know, natural disasters in the earth are presently growing to horrendous numbers with appalling destructive results to lives, properties and businesses. Their occurrences are so closely knit happening in an integrated fashion that you would wonder and ask yourself , "Has this interval of time with each calamity occurring in every part of the globe ever happened the way it did now?" (click here to see Latest Natural Disasters showing time frame)

Two days after the Chile earthquake, we have Bangladesh utterly devastated by a cyclone with sustained winds of 240 kph. Death toll already climbed 2000+ and is still escalating as I type now (see article with photos and videos). Bangladesh is on it's knees . Thousands of lives and properties lost, non passable roads, power
outages and problematic communication , massive traffic jams, as well as rice crops to be harvested December are totally depleted. Bangladesh is just so overwhelmed with cyclone Sidr. Most recently, we have heard of the floods in Greece and in Turkey too. And as we go a few years back , we see a lot of horrifying disasters too. Who can forget the 2005 Hurricane Katrina disaster with Hurricane Rita soon after her? Remember the 2004 Indian Ocean Asian Tsunami ? One in 2006 in Kuril Islands happened again . And so far, at least 3 tsunamis for 2007, the earliest in Kuril islands again this January of 2007 , another in Solomon Islands April of 2007 and a recent one in Peru last August of 2007.

Is it real or not? Do you genuinely care to know? Are you proactive or are you reactive? Would you better decide to PREVENT while you rehabilitate and cure or would you rather JUST rehabilitate and cure? Worse, would you take it blindly and accept your fate? The choice is yours. Here's hoping you make the right choice---