Thursday, February 14, 2008


I do not wish to counter Tina Turner's assertion when she belted the lines 'what's love got to do to do with it... what's love...but a second-hand emotion', lyrics from the popular song "What's Love Got to Do with It". Clearly, the song speaks of a jaded view about love.

If you happen to watch Tina's life story in the 1986 movie "What's Love Got To Do With It" [performed by Angela Basett], and had seen what love did to her 3 decades ago, with her then notorious husband the late Ike Turner, then maybe you can sing with all the passion she has for this particular song along with her electrifying distinct trademark combo of head shaking and body gyrations. I also wouldn't blame you if oh-so-carefully, you now will be treading the path of love ,this time newly equipped with a tragic-developed eagle eyes and a keen sense of a bloodhound, careful not to fall prey to any man's(or woman's) blinding charisma. But hey, don't be that automatically dimmed as things have a way of turning out better. Look at her now - happy with another man ,living in France , richer,ha-ha and curvaceous at 68.

Given the traditionalist view that love sustains all , we are equally aware that sometimes, it doesn't. There are a number of considerable factors that are just as vital as love in considering a long-term relationship. My contention is that everybody knows that.

This must be the most dismal blog entry that will put you in the doldrums about Valentine's Day.

In this day and age ,every solution offered is meant to ease out each unwanted crease and obliterate the entire crooked twist in your life. Heed me. The world is such a big and diversified market that even divorce is now a product! Are you aware of this? That divorce has become a market-driven strategy geared towards seductively teasing the entire human populace? And in that light, do you care to know that there was a divorce trade show? Well, brace yourself. There was. Check this out. Actual news shown here : Divorce Fair - RADIO NETHERLANDS WORLDWIDE.

The first ever divorce fair tradeshow in NL(Holland) landed the sparkling visage of the central Dutch city in Utrecht, Netherlands
last weekend, being the 2nd in Europe, with Austria where the first divorce tradeshow was held . Yes, a divorce fair - not a job fair. While in the Philippines, job fair/s teeming with job hunters is the usual scenario, in liberal Netherlands (NL) is a different story - a social experiment, I may say. Whew!

Can you imagine one strolling-shopping day with your significant other and family, when 'sales representatives' follow, run and shove frantically to your face a leaflet about divorce? DIVORCE : READY in 24 hours ! FIRST COME, FIRST SERVED. Experience the fastest absolute worry free way to finally be out of the blue. LIVE LIFE ONCE AGAIN. Meet new hot individuals,lol (25 on an average) in a space of two hours! Have you ever wondered that a lot of professions would possibly be at the brink of extinction with law academes and law offices sprouting like mushrooms, bringing forth an insurgency of law graduates whose aim and poise is trained, fortified and primed to dismantle and instigate family disintegration, thriving in their craft and getting richer with your misery?

In Vienna, the capital of Austria alone , last quarter of 2007 , the huge turn out of divorce had an all time high of 50% . The whole business ensemble were there; lawyers [of course], mediators, private detectives, real estate and car agents and travel agencies. And if you are curious enough how the tradeshow fared, wondering how it tickled this Hitler-town if it did show an iota of interest among Europeans, well it had a good success rate according to reports. CLICK HERE to view report.

Geez. Our world is indeed getting crazier by the minute. Seemingly non -existent anymore is the ' the - road- less -traveled' character our society once had. My impression: The western world is going to hell in a hand basket.
(Photo credits: BBC NEWS WORLD)

It is a sad plight. I believe in marriage and the sanctity along with it. People fall in love, get married , raise kids, dream and only find themselves divorcing at the slightest provocation? People in the business world, law academe and even in the medical world have become overly educated that values have been relegated - down the drain, in fact. Why well, I am one among the many those who are continuously alarmed about stalwart moves for divorce. BARRICADE ASIA! PROTECT THE PHILIPPINES! Be careful, Insidiously flourishing, creeping and taking bold steps to make it happen, initiatives to implement such Draconian measures are well under way. Hopefully , it would not dominate the world, with our soul as it's commodity, it's prime market. Brr...chills run down my spine. I think I need a cup of coffee to briefly escape this, lol.

It is not that stunningly mouth-gaping anymore to hear about divorce, the cruelties of the stigma attached to it, with the kids of the parents most vulnerable to a throng of social ills - drug and alcohol addiction, juvenile delinquency and shattered spirits that proved more often than not irreparable,
thereby themselves, being contributors to the same vicious cycle once more. But for Christ's sake, to make it seem that this is a usual eventuality, hence making it this available, this ready? Are you kidding me? To make it sound like it is exhibiting to the crowd specialty European cuisines with delicacies to try, taste and buy? Caveat emptor! Some food can actually poison you. Openly, this is an 'agenda' that most of the western world has embraced, which makes it logical to target NL as its' next victim- yeah, the openly liberal NL.

Perhaps a derivative of Europe's long history and idiosyncrasies about Christendom, it still is palpable up to this time, manifested in the misbelief of 'societal reforms', which purely touch base to serious moral issues at hand. Call it the extension of the Reformation period when the peasants were slaughtered by the reformists at the height of their cry for reforms.

Here in the Philippines,
the divorce bill [House Bill 4016] will totter a stir and cause the stern arbiters of morality to uprise once the solons in congress pass it . Emanating from a feminist move or an enlightenment to relive life , this bill when passed is going to be sheer business alright. Business at the expense of other's misery and 'assistance/help' in the context that there is a better choice than staying. Thanks to the outspoken opposition of the Catholic church in it's quest for moral redemption in this country, and even with all its errors in history, is still, by and large, staunchly safeguarding the Filipino people against the erosion of the very core of our society- the family. I applaud them for that.

Divorce is indeed a highly taxing process --not only in the pocket, but, moreover, to the whole chain of stress levels and high emotional upswings, the trauma and the stigma attached et al that one goes through with it . Seen as practically logical and 'realistic', it is mistaken as the answer to experience quality of life, even at the cost of loosing our sanctity of life. Nowadays, practicality is so perceived as logical. As far as I know, logic is only rational when it follows the Divine law.

What about the battered women? That is why you have counseling ,the local police, the psychiatrists ,
the church and the social sectors to comfort these poor women [and in rare cases, men]. And what about those who batter these women/men? Send them to therapy and if it happens again, put them behind bars. That's why we have the law. Hurray for the still single individual status, you now have an ample time to meticulously collect and select.

So where is this headed now that the year 2008 is fully booked and planned for Europe's scheme of division? I have learned there were already fights about DIVORCE REFORM LAWS. Huh? What is this? Does that mean that this is how the world perceive humanity? That divorce has become a real alternative?

"Let's get them to fall in love via dating online[the easiest, the trickiest] and offer a deluge of handy escapes. Ha-ha. Divorce is the best alternative... we will succeed... people like it easy." So where is ' to love, to cherish and to hold'?
Just where has it gone by now? Divorce is NOW an accepted option? Is that it? That when things don't work as planned, there is always the refuge to seek one that is easy? Choices, choices, choices. We say we are glad we have a choice. But are we sure we do the right choice?

The daily grind of activities we have set forth have, and will really eat us up if we ALLOW it. We have become so permissible for the sake of all things easy- Presto! I am not against the ease of use that technology enjoys today though for it has surely brought us somewhere. I just cannot shake it off that even with the good major sphere of our personal lives, the concept of 'ease' manages to take hold on us. Chilling indeed.

Getting married is not commercialism, nor should be regarded as a piece of paper alone . It is a vow, a sacred sanctity. When you marry, you are tying the knot with your partner and God as well - the same God who binded you and your partner together and Who must be in the middle of it all. With the advent of divorce fairs, it is not impossible if it develops gradually before finally becoming apparent that it has already swept the world as a market. The devil really makes things easier. He knows no sacrifice as pleasuring himself on unworthy causes and flimsy pursuits are top on his portfolio. He makes everything ready - an intelligent and selfish creature he is. In this modern day, his minions are just around, spuriously advocating it's worry free solutions to marriage-related pressing issues, with some of them who have sold their souls to achieve a zooming bliss and still some, blinded with what they advocate for. What then will become of us - a new dark age?

Lawyers, health care workers, each one of us - Let us know our mission. It's cool, vogue, hip -- a concept seductively numbing our moral sense with the popular clamor for what else but practicality. You can have all the quality of life you want as quality is also subjective. Sanctity is never subjective. The body is clothed, the soul is naked.

Isn't it chilling to just rely on yourself for everything? Acknowledge God in your life. HE is the only solution. The best there is. No more, no less. Know Him, embrace Him. Celebrate love and life! HE is our medicine.