Monday, November 26, 2007


- PART 1-
I remember him saying I am very Dutch. He used to tell me I would make a very good Dutched Pinay wife. I wonder if he still means it. I didn't in anyway accustomed myself to this as even before I finally decided to check out how dutchies really are, set values are already ingrained in my Pinay system. Pinay is a term to refer to women from the country,Philippines. It took me half a year to get decided to finally counter check my own observations of him as his own person, and of him being Dutch. There is just much tallying and note taking to do for the ardent lover in me, lol. Needless to say, it was just LEKKER to amorously be told that some of your acts and thinking follow towards the leaning of the proud, stubborn, yet admirable and liberal people of his blond and blue eyed Dutch race. To put it simply, I took it as a compliment.

It also comes to mind of his telling me all of the flattery things he would and he can....there's sincerity, alright. But it's what women want because a) it makes us, women, dwell on the thought that we are desirable across races and men know it b) it makes women feel more giving thus making us feel healthy and whole (and that again, men know it ). But I must remind myself however ,that yes, he is a MAN, ready to get right at you in a given opportuned time. With a guy who probably knows how to play it with some sexy innuendos, no sooner than a few months and we could be off to wanderlust. His intention is yet to be TESTED like I always do. Nurturing friendship and seeing that you maintain the better ones, shredding them off to keep the best picks where one can choose and decide the rightful PIL(Partner In Life) is utmost to me. Men must break all the barriers, my mind screams,lol. I say to myself, I am easy to be with, but hell,I am not one easy girl. You read my soul and I'm yours forever, lol.

Oh, by the way? I call "that" Dutch in my life as dear.