Sunday, December 2, 2007


I am a Filipino and I have reasons to be proud of it. Likewise, I have reasons not to be proud of my Filipino heritage. Sans the corruption that the country sows, the Philippines is still a country to behold. Who isn't aware that there are mail order brides proliferating and growing to unbelievable extents and that these things apart from the NBN ZTE deal brouhaha and lootbag for congressmen giveaways exist? And Filipinas using and acting out the "damsel -in -distress technique" to foreign men? I hate it. These are just but a few. I have my own complains and sentiments from the biggest to the smallest of issues. But the Philippines is still the Philippines no matter what upheavals it is currently experiencing, politically and economically at the same time. Personally, I believe it has improved in terms of national security, technology and even business wise. What with the world class beaches that foreigners would always love to explore and return to, the ready smiles, the beautiful women, the BAYANIHAN, the camarederie Pinoys have and the religiosity that still pervades in the corrupt stricken country, ours is a country we can still be very proud of. Our religiosity would always save us from the grief and turmoil all the time. If only a large extent of our population can couple it with sincere pro activeness towards nation building, then our country will move to greater heights. Enough of the nitpicking. We all have ourselves to blame directly and indirectly. I still believe that the Philippines can resurrect to a better one. It's going to be a Herculean task but do-able.

Lea Salonga, The Philippine Madrigal Singers, Patricia Evangelista, Edsa 1, well known doctors and nurses working in Uncle Sam who have either been in direct and indirect contact with the big heads of the US as Clinton as well as other medical health professionals who are exemplary heroes of our nations holding key positions in medical and nursing associations in the US and even in other countries, the ordinary OFW who contribute much to our country,not to mention the moon buggy conceptualizer are just but a few of the many reasons why we can be proud of being Pinoy. We always make our mark known wherever we are. We all know how creative and intellectuals Filipinos can be. To boot, we have our morality almost intact. Let's make this our stronghold.

While the others would label us as 3rd world and rightfully so, economically, we are first and world class in terms of resilience, patience, hard work, creativity and morality. We always manage to be happy with what is little of what has become after blows and storms in our lives, don’t we? We always emerge to be made of a sterner stuff.

With what happened unfolding right in front of our very eyes in the boob tube three days ago, the staged coup attempt for the 2nd time by Senator Antonio Trillanes is a clear cry for the Arroyo government to drastically make changes. I may not be an Arroyo fanatic, not one government is perfect, but I am one with the country for economic stability and political peace. And for this I salute President Arroyo for being formidable in all times of crisis. We are a nation with such history in coup attempts. And most of us had become numb about it already. We just want sincerity and clear cut manifestos of true leadership. Moral redemption is always a problem besetting other nations, irregardless if it is a Christian nation or not. Even our country, the Philippines, known to be the only catholic nation in the South East Asia is not free from being tainted with moral dilemmas. Let me say that albeit with this in mind, the Filipinos are still by and large extremely faithful. Prayers can move mountains and I stand by that. Being adamant with what we are good at, we can be better people.

While Senator Trillanes may have serious grievances and sentiments, let no Filipinos be apathetic! May we exercise critical thinking in times like this. He cries reforms but he hasn’t reformed in his style of uniting the Filipino people. Can someone please tell him that staging a coup is passe? "Trillanes, you cannot bring back the most honest, spontaneous ever deserved People Power Revolt in Edsa 1 that we once had. You simply can't because you are not totally honest in serving the nation. Please do not insult the Filipinos' sensibilities. We are just tired of disruptions. We sincerely believe there are better ways. What you did was grandstanding. And you put a lot of innocent civilians and foreigners at risk. You are so pathetic. The end does not justify the means."

An economy struggling to progress will always be hampered by such flimsy deeds.

And some words for the media people . Kudos for the bravery,hey! We are all indebted to you. And you know how much power you have over the viewers and listeners alike. You are one of the most influential people that can help reshape the country. However, you bring in more than news. You even have more than enough commentaries that can affect millions of followers whom basically must be fed with what has just happened. You bring them hot and fresh ( hmm,just like bakers would with pandesal) and that is truly admirable. Please exercise FREEDOM WITH RESPONSIBILITY though. You have to learn to discern just when to put that demarcation line between real news and commentaries. This is a democratic country,alright. But let's not abuse the freedom we all fought for. Get out of the scenario too when there are military operations. Your safety is needed. You don't want to be made as an excuse as well by rebels for their surrender, don't you? Primarily, be rational in all cases. We expect you guys to be more knowledgeable than ordinary tidbit makers.

Still proud to be Pinoy!

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