Monday, December 17, 2007


-PART 2-
Oh, oh
, but lo and behold. Things will just unfold as the getting-to-know-each-other phase unravels...

I came from well educated, legally abreast, socially adept, busy, nagging, tough, responsible , proactive, CRITICAL, loving, overprotective, pious yet contemporary parents. Both mom and dad share those qualities mentioned above equally and both exercise their grey matter daily. It is usual at home if you will be asked what decisions you made for tasks, even the mundane ones. It is up to you if you will accede yourself to feel harassed - although in essence, you definitely are! If you are not used to this, I recommend that you immerse yourself to our family (I have the gift of discernment...haha.) and I would not wonder if you develop some fear and a nervous breakdown when you commit mistakes. Mistakes are things done NOT in accordance to their orderly fashion of doing things. Get it? Well why, even the slightest ones among the tasks in your life will be monitored. And assessed. Here's a quick roster : the way your hair must fall in your shoulder, the color of ballpen used for signing specific documents (which must be black) for formality, why you need to park your car in that specific "where", not using the cellphone whilst driving, why I must be seated in the first 2-4 rows when I attend the Holy Mass. It is considered formal and proper (Dutchie friend 2 would often address me before as "prudish" ) when asked not to forget the way your significant relationships must be and the way your child rearing is handled , not to mention why , what and how you decided something specifically not in accordance with what they might have done. Whew!

But I love my parents. I have to shake myself and say I LOVE THEM because I really do. It’s just that I am my own woman for long now and they must realize that. Times will be when you really find a collision...WHEW! Isn’t that tough? But when you are used to this, you will find out later on life that this has actually benefited you to practice your critical thinking. Imagine hearing 2 strong, stubborn ,bull headed ,confident and decisive parents airing their sides most times. AND they are morally responsive too, OMG! To them, offering constant reminders is love. Ha-ha. Well, I laugh at it but I must agree that in personal relationships, it is. I guess I needed that for a partner for the long haul myself, **smiles and grins**. I still believe though that I am more nurturing physically with the knuffel and the kussen than my parents are.

It would be noteworthy to mention as well that (a) Mom is very technical, the jack-of-all-trades, gets the job done, dwells in a accomplishments and deep service to the church and (b) Dad is the intellectual, can be harsh but very sweet,caring and ALWAYS WORRIED. So you see, it is clearly stated now that being fooled is a NO-NO in the house. How come I was fooled in my business? Too much trust and kindness, maybe? Geez, there's still pain I got reliving the glory days of being privileged in the best of many ways. Oh well, life is a challenge.

This factor prepared me for the real thing-the real life. At least I am not a wimp!!! But of course, God is good and that is all the time. He has truly fulfilled the Libra in me, I guess...the woman in me...the person out of the good life in me and yes, the person from which life's challenges abound as well. Just what His purpose might be, I am still uncovering it myself. A soft interior encapsulated in a hard shell , that's me. And vice versa.

You think these things I mentioned contributed to my a la -Dutch ways the dutchie (Dutchie 1) observed of me? Maybe yes. Maybe not.